On the Oregon coast

I have spent a week on the Gold Coast of Oregon. My niece and IIMG_7764 attended a workshop led by Jim Harmer and met photographers from across America. I enjoy these momentary escapes from real life. As a photographer, having money for trips and equipment is only a dream. The picture that sets me for life has yet to be taken. I intend on continuing to pursue that special shot, improving my knowledge and skill in the process.


Oregon pathways

 I was in Bozeman yesterday walking on Main street when I saw a sign in front of a business that read WELCOME SPRIN-TER. In parentheses underneath was the explanation. Spring – Winter. That says it all.  Although it snowed in Bozeman all day there was no accumilation. The snow came in light flurries. Here is a shot of a much warmer Oregon forest last summer.




Forest path