I have tried to define my passion. Problem is, I have an interest in most things that are expressive. Photography is a passion I have had for most of my life. Most of my pictures were taken with an old film camera. I have many albums of pictures that I have taken over the years. When this new technology of digital appeared, I had to have it. I am sure glad that I did, but, it has come at a price. It is too easy to get a decent picture, it is all programmed into the camera.  My challenge, to get back to the film. Not literally, figuratively.  Remember the “rules”.   Here’s to remembering the rules.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for following me! I read this “About” section and I was like wow, sounds a lot like me! HAHA! I had a film camera for 10 years, have all these photo albums of random shots, and my hubby was nice enough to invest in a really nice digital camera for me! I love you’re photography and I can’t wait to see more of what you can do! Thanks again 😀


  2. Gee, does this resonate! I have multiple sclerosis, and BOY do I want to get back to it. Photography, that is 🙂 In the last year, my MS has caused me to put my camera down and focus on other avenues of expression. I do love your photography and I find it, and your blog, inspiring.


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