More Collaboration works

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More Collaboration with Gabriel Olude. These Muses are beautifully done so I don’t like to change them much just enhance them. This is a pleasure to be allowed to use his creative product with my interpretation.  I am using very talented designers overlays and back drops to create these images. Foxey Squirrel of Scrapbook Graphics is on of my go to designers and Anna Aspens design is another that I use. Both of these designers were used in these three pictures in this collaboration.

I have started on another creative quest. This time I am collaborating with Gabriel Olude [ a  Photographer/Artist from Nigeria that has offed his photographs for use in creative projects. I have taken three so far and rendered them with my creative take on them. The models, Muses as he calls them are beautifully done and lend themselves to creative interpretation. This is a breathtaking group of women, I am so blessed to be included in this project.

Here are three of my images.