Just ’cause I’m not here doesn’t mean I am idle.

market day.jpg

Market day – using images from Foxy Squirrel


I have been totally engaged in my photography and art. I have neglected all of you. So sorry, Since I last checked in I have been to Yellowstone three times,  Zion Canyon, The Great Smokey Mountains and Alaska.  I get so caught up in taking, editing and processing pictures that I have decided that I have to hire a maid.  I, who does not like disorder or house work, get so involved in working on my art that I just step over the boxes on the floor. No that I’m a hoarder [well maybe a little] I developed a blind eye to the clutter.  Until the mess gets too much. Then my focus in on the mess. But, call me and ask if I want to go to Timbuktu and I will drag my camera gear through the mess and climb in the car ready to go. Or, give me a new technique and I have to try it, taking hours to decide if I like it.  This happens a lot. The maid would help keep my dwelling free of clutter while I go play.

I dream a lot!!!!

These are  a few of my creations using different materials  combining them to create an image.




Calm – using my Photograph from the Oregon coast and model from Colby Files.

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