Long time no see

I am always surprised that time goes as fast as it does. Several thousand pictures later and several months later here I am again. I have been a long time gone. Sorry about that, I have been distracted by life.

Since I have been here last I’ve been in Alaska, eastern Washington,  southern Utah, northern Arizona, southern Nevada and Yellowstone  with my camera.

That is quite a geographic spread. Then there are the boring every day things that have no pictures worth printing.

It was 10 deg c. when I woke this morning, what a wonderful day to photograph ice crystals. I just enjoyed them through the window.

As you can imagine there is a lot of editing that has to happen and like most photographers I know that is not as much fun as clicking the shutter button. Now, I will sit down and really do some work on editing.

The first one this morning is an Antelope from Yellowstone taken just a few days ago. Yellowstone is warm for this time of the year, this fellow was shot just outside Gardnier,  the Montana entrance to the park.  The sun flower is from southern Utah the red rocks are from Valley of Fire state park in southern Nevada. As I get through them I will start posting more. I am planning to be sitting in my chair at the computer for the next few months, with occasional foray’s into the outside world as needed to remain connected.



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