Remember the technical stuff

I am not home yet so editing is slow or nonexistent.  Hard to do from the car and over a quesy stomach. But, I gave been shooting in varied environments,  sharp sunlight, deep shadows, from car windows and through 2 inch plexiglass and gallons of salt water, each of these things have one thing in common.  They depend on focus and the triangle of ISO, f stop, and shutter speed to get a “good” picture. We’ll se how I did in a few days, first must sleep in my own bed and pay homage to my relationships.

On the Oregon coast

I have spent a week on the Gold Coast of Oregon. My niece and IIMG_7764 attended a workshop led by Jim Harmer and met photographers from across America. I enjoy these momentary escapes from real life. As a photographer, having money for trips and equipment is only a dream. The picture that sets me for life has yet to be taken. I intend on continuing to pursue that special shot, improving my knowledge and skill in the process.