A taste of honey

Have you contiplated honey? Here, in Norway the honey has a very piney undertone. I wasn’t sure about it the first time I put it in my cup of tea. It grew on me, I am impressed,  I liked it. The bees are apparently gathering the majority of nectar from the abundance of evergreens. Unlike the flavor of the clover honey that  is in the supermarket. This honey has a decidedly pungent taste that you will never forget. The honey that comes from wildflowers has the essence of a spring meadow. I think that honey is like wine, there are many that are to be cherished and revered. Here’s a challenge to me and you. Stop at local stands, try their locally grown honey, enjoy the regional differences. Some are better suited for peanut butter and some are better for tea. I wonder if I can get some home to the US.


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