Wind and Snow

wind over the bridgers-5890

The wind blowing the snow high up in the peaks over Bozeman Mt. 12/1/2012


On a recent trip to Salt Lake City along the highway just out of Three Forks, I made Arnie stop the motor home so that I could stand in the roaring wind and take this picture. My tripod was useless, the wind just blew it around with the camera perched on top. I couldn’t stand against the wind, I finally had to balance the camera on the guardrail post and snapped this picture. The only one that was not blurry. This is not easy, the concrete posts are not made to be balancing anything on.  That trip, the wind blew against us for the full 500 miles going and coming. It was a head wind both ways, with the occasional side gust that yanked  at the steering  wheel. It’s a good thing that Arnie is strong and could hold it, or we would be looking up from the side of the road for the foreseeable future.  This was and still is an awesome site.

Spring forward, was the mantra from everyone I saw yesterday. Charlene even called me to remind me. Hope you all made your early morning functions on time. The sun is out and doing it’s best to warm things up for the coming weather change. I hope it hurries up, I am in agreement with my great niece, in Idaho. I am done with the cold.

March 7

It has been a good day. It rained in the night and turned to snow while we slept. The sky was mostly blue early this morning..
We went to visit a neighbor uninvited, ended up visiting with their invited guests and having supper. Plenty of story telling, laughing and fun. Then my I called my cousin in Bakersfield, Ca and talked for several hours, laughing and reminiscing. She has pictures that she got from another cousin and was making copies of them for me. I am looking forward to getting them.  I sat down, discovered that I had not taken my evening meds. Now I am waiting for them to kick in and  looking a pictures on this computer.      These pictures were taken on my first trip to Alaska.


ImageImage                                                                                     This bear was along the roadway playing with a stick in a stream. I was tickled to see it and very pleased with the picture.

Whittier Ak

DSCN0471A fishing boat through the fog Whittier Alaska

This is an old picture taken in 2008 on my first visit to Alaska. Such a magical place.  I am always frustrated that I cannot be like a tramp and just take my camera and tramp all over Alaska. But, there are expectations. My companion’s daughter lives in Anchorage and he has daddy-do projects that are waiting on him.