March 7

It has been a good day. It rained in the night and turned to snow while we slept. The sky was mostly blue early this morning..
We went to visit a neighbor uninvited, ended up visiting with their invited guests and having supper. Plenty of story telling, laughing and fun. Then my I called my cousin in Bakersfield, Ca and talked for several hours, laughing and reminiscing. She has pictures that she got from another cousin and was making copies of them for me. I am looking forward to getting them.  I sat down, discovered that I had not taken my evening meds. Now I am waiting for them to kick in and  looking a pictures on this computer.      These pictures were taken on my first trip to Alaska.


ImageImage                                                                                     This bear was along the roadway playing with a stick in a stream. I was tickled to see it and very pleased with the picture.

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