Remember the technical stuff

I am not home yet so editing is slow or nonexistent.  Hard to do from the car and over a quesy stomach. But, I gave been shooting in varied environments,  sharp sunlight, deep shadows, from car windows and through 2 inch plexiglass and gallons of salt water, each of these things have one thing in common.  They depend on focus and the triangle of ISO, f stop, and shutter speed to get a “good” picture. We’ll se how I did in a few days, first must sleep in my own bed and pay homage to my relationships.

On the Oregon coast

I have spent a week on the Gold Coast of Oregon. My niece and IIMG_7764 attended a workshop led by Jim Harmer and met photographers from across America. I enjoy these momentary escapes from real life. As a photographer, having money for trips and equipment is only a dream. The picture that sets me for life has yet to be taken. I intend on continuing to pursue that special shot, improving my knowledge and skill in the process.


Here again.

The weather in Montana was so cold it drove us north to Anchorage where it was much warmer. A visit didn’t get in the way of taking a few days to spend in Whittier, where it rained the whole time we were there. Usually Whittier is snowy in mid November, not this year, just wet. The morning that we headed back to Anchorage was beautiful, we took a side trip to the Portage valley. We were there when the time changed so we were unusually early due to the time change. It proved to be a great time for pictures. Just a few.